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Fam 3Our Company History

Whether you are diabetic, or just looking to cut sugars out of your diet, the team at Sugar Free Solutions is here to make it easier for you.

Sugar Free Solutions was inspired by the diagnoses of our youngest son with Type I Diabetes in 2005. We found it very difficult to offer him the normal “treats” found in a child’s diet, since very limited sugar free products were available in Australia. This created a drive and passion to provide our son and other diabetics, as well as those who wish to eradicate sugar from their diets, a variety of quality sugar free baking mix products.

Since then, the inability to source from the Australian market any palatable cakes and snacks suitable for diabetics, has resulted in Melinda Mackay commencing her current venture, manufacturing Australia’s first Sugar Free Dry Cake and Muffin mixes.

We are a fresh and dynamic Australian family owned business who are proud to be the first Australian company to manufacture and provide great quality Sugar Free Cake and Muffin Mixes. We guarantee that they will be barely on your hips, forever on your lips!

Mission Statement

 “It is our mission to provide the health conscious and diabetic consumers with sugar free products and knowledge that meets their wants and needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help to educate, deliver , support and inspire our customers within the Sugar Free world”