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Coffee Crunch Cake – No added Sugar



This one’s for the Coffee addicts!
I like to bake this cake in a Kugelhof Cake Tin. Preheat oven to 165ºC Fan Forced
In a food processor combine

 100grams Walnuts
 100 grams Xylitol (or your choice of Natural sweetener)
 5g ( teaspoon) cinnamon
 1 teaspoon each of – instant coffee powder and ground coffee granules.

Process until combined and nuts are in small pieces. Put aside.
Now prepare cake batter.

Prepare a Sugar Free Solutions Vanilla cake mix as per instructions with the exception of
50mls of the required water with 2 shots of espresso (or 2 teaspoons of instant coffee dissolved in
50mls hot water). Mix on low speed for one minute, scraping sides of the bowl.
Sprinkle half of the ground nut and coffee crunch on the base of the well-greased Kugelhof Cake
Tin. Gently pour half of the batter on top of crunch mix, and then sprinkle remainder of nut and
coffee crunch over the batter. Gently pour remainder of cake batter on top, so that the crunch mix
is secured between the layers of cake batter.

Bake in a moderate oven (165ºC Fan Forced) for approx. 40-45 minutes or until top springs back
when lightly touched in centre – double check with an inserted skewer, which should come out clean.

Allow to cool in the pan on a wire cake rack. When cold, invert onto a rustic serving plate.
Extremely Moreish!!
© Copyright 2013 by Sugar Free Solutions